Deciding On Your Renovation Schedule

Posted by on November 26, 2019

Doing a renovation on your home can be a great way to take an outdated area and turn it into something fresh and new.  When deciding on what to do for your next home renovation cranston project you will want to have a few things under consideration.

What is most important

What part of your house is most important to you?  For many people the areas that they use the most will be their top priorities.  These areas include the kitchen, bathroom and master bedroom.  The rest of the house will typically be okay and not widely utilized.  This is why deciding on what is most important to you is key to your decisions.

Time factor

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How long will your projects take?  If you are looking at doing a bathroom remodel and then turn around and do a bedroom remodel, how much time will it take to do both projects.  If for instance, they will both take two weeks, then considering doing them both at the same time might cut down on the time factor.


What is your budget?  For most people doing a home loan or a claim on their insurance is a way to get the extra funds to do the remodeling project.  When going to the bank and telling them you want to do an improvement project, they may be happy to hear this and give you the money.  The reason for this is that the value of your home will increase resulting in a higher sale price that they can charge for the next people taking out a loan for your home.  This can be good for you since many banks may look at it as an investment in you and you won’t have to pay the loan back until the point you sell your home.

When working with your budget, make sure you put the money into the main areas that you want to improve.  You want to splurge on the good points such as better tile, higher quality paint, better carpet.  These items will increase the value of your home.