How To Protect Against The California Wildfires

Posted by on November 26, 2019

It seems that each year the wildfires in California are just getting worse and worse.  With such dry conditions in California just the slightest spark from a family cookout, a bolt of lightning or backfire from a car can cause the next catastrophe.  This is why fire sprinkler inspection california is such a vital part of the protection process.  What else can be done to help prevent the problem?

fire sprinkler inspection california

One idea that has been thrown around is installing a irrigation or modular sprinkler system in the most likely areas for a fire to erupt.  This system would cost a lot of money to implement and to maintain, however, if there was a way to pump water into these areas quickly and help control the spread of fire into small pockets would it be a viable solution?

What about the electric company?  Are they doing enough to protect the environment from wildfires?  The fires that happened in 2018 were determined to be caused by the failure of their electrical infrastructure.  As a result, they initiated rolling blackouts in the hopes to prevent future fires, which seemed to have failed.

Environmental cleanup

How do you feel environmental cleanup will play its part in the future of wildfires?  Do you feel that deforestation would help or cause more issues than they resolve?  What about grooming the forest in such a way that there was significant distance between groves of trees to help prevent fires from spreading? 

With wildfires there is not simple solution.  However, prevention and maintenance are our best bet at the moment.  If we can keep the forests clear of debris, keep vigilant to how we conduct our affairs while camping as well as report any sightings as quickly as we possibly can before the fires spread beyond our control will be a start to at least combatting the problem while other options are considered.